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Charm Bokbunja is 100% fermented liquor made from clean water and Bokbunja herb in Jirisan mountain, one of the cleanest areas in Korea.
Charm Bokbunja, the only Bokbunja wine in Korea not adding a drop of Soju!
Only Bokbunja wine in Korea made by fermentation brewing method
Charm Bokbunja, an unique and orthodox Bokbunja wine that opens the era of authentic Bokbunja wine in Korea
Reliability of Charm Bokbunja is proved by Technical Service Institute of National Tax Service
All Bokbunja liquor in Korea has been diluted liquor when Charm Bokbunja was released.
Diluted Bokbunja wine is product mixing 20% of undiluted Bokbunja or fermented liquor and 80% of alcohol (Soju).
However, Charm Bokbunja is only 100% fermented liquor without adding alcohol(Soju). Brewing method of Charm Bokbunja is patented technology of Charmborn (Patent registration number: 38216) and proved by Technical Institute of National Tax Service.
This is the accomplishment based on long-time fermentation experience accumulated from producing Gangsoe, Ongnyeo, Sagye, Poongyeong and Lhotse.