Korean Bokbunja wine

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Established Jirisan Herbal Liquor Company

03 Launched 'Gangsoe'
11 Established Jirisan Mountain Liquor Company
02 Launched 'Charm Bokbunja' and 'Sanoju'
  12 Moved to Noam Agricultural Complex, Namwon
06 Factory established
  08 Launched 'joomong Bokbunja'
  10 Launched 'Hwangjiny'
  11 Certificated as 'Clean Company' by Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency
02 Exported 'joomong Bokbunja' to Australia
  08 Begun mail order selling through Korea Post


Awarded gold medal in 'The 1st Korea Traditional Liquor Competitive Show' (Organized by National Tax Service)
  10 'Hwanjini' awarded 'Grand prize' as well as 'Most Favorable Liquor' selected by foreign sommelier, at Korean Traditional Liquor Competition Show (Organized by Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries)